CYPRES 2 Security X-ray Card

CYPRES 2 Security X-ray Card
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X-ray Card that you get in your CYPRES 2 User's Guide
This it the CYPRES 2 X-ray Card graphic that is included with your CYPRES 2 user's Guide. Download it and take a copy with you if you are planning on travelling overseas, or have it handy as a download on your phone for when your baggage goes through security at the airport. Don't forget to also download a copy of the NZ CAA Approval Letter for CYPRES AAD.

Click on the image to enlarge and show security personnel or download both sides of the card as a pdf here: XRAY CARD

Note: this information is relevant only to CYPRES only and does not include information or reference to any other AAD.

Our Recommendation: Check your CYPRES in with your other check-in luggage for any air travel. Doing so, you will have no problems at the security gate and you can travel more comfortably.


Here you see two X-rays (a = view from above, b = side view) of a complete parachute, containing a CYPRES parachute emergency opening system. CYPRES is a Life Saving Device for Skydivers. Depending on the parachute container the x-ray on your screen may vary. All its components (e.g. measuring technique, electronics, battery, loop cutter, control unit, plugs, cables, casing) as well as the complete system contain parts and materials that are approved by U.S. DOT and other agencies world-wide, and are not subject to any transport regulations.


The red numbered objects show the CYPRES elements:

1. central unit, 2. cutter, 3. cuttercable, 4. control unit  cable, 5. control unit.

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