About Us

We have  been in this business since 1992, and seen others try and give up. To what do we owe our continuing survival?  Our Customer Service is the #1 driving force behind being successful in a very small market in a very small country.

Our leading competitor in this market is the Internet, and we strive to be able to provide service and products at a competetive price level, with the point of difference being faster delivery than can be expected from any offshore company. Combine that with the ability to have any product warranties or queries dealt with consistently far easier and quicker than any overseas company can. Then you have good reason to try Skydivezone first!

We have a huge inventory onsite, so for commonly purchases items, for the majority of orders, will be able to deliver overnight.

Without your continued support we can't hope to grow and improve, and in today's economic climate, our survival is paramount to your satisfaction!

Please give your Feedback - we would love to hear from you!

Kate & Kelly!