Optima II Audible Altimeter

Optima II Audible Altimeter
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Canopy Swoop and Freefall Alarms
Lights! Jumps & Swoops!! L&B has listened to skydivers across the globe and has answered the call with OPTIMA! The OPTIMA™ is a more advanced audible altimeter with extremely accurate altitude detection.

The OPTIMA™ introduces a new class of warnings for use by skydivers – Canopy Descent Warnings and Landing Guide Tones.

These Canopy Descent Warnings and Landing Guide Tones allow you to preset warning altitudes for use under canopy and, if desired, to provide timing beeps to help you track your landing process versus your altitude during the semi-final stage of your canopy descent.

Hail the return of the visual warning light for audible altimeters! L&B has added the ability to increase your altitude awareness by adding a visual LED port to warn you at the altitudes you set. Look for the LED & Protektor under Altimeter Parts and Accessories.

  • Thin, ergonomic, comfortable curved design.
  • LCD for easy- and intuitive operation.
  • 3 selectable warning altitudes.
  • 1st and 2nd warnings: Different pulsating tones.
  • 3rd warning: High pitched siren.
  • Choice of 1, 2 or 3 warnings.
  • Four memory banks for custom warning settings.
  • Low Speed Warning Bank featuring unique sequence
  • of beeps to assist entering optimum swoop corridor
  • Seven step warning pitch selection
  • Easy and quick to set on the ground or in the aircraft,
  • and if the DZ elevation differs from that of the airport
  • Feet/Meter selection
  • Altitude selection interval: 10 Ft.
  • VISUAL Connection for flashing LED
  • Displays present altitude during climb
  • Built-in clock
  • On/off mode
  • Built-in mounting holes; fits any helmet, inside or outside
  • Long lasting, easy to find batteries

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