Liquid 2 Lens - 25mm Thread

Liquid 2 Lens - 25mm Thread
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Cookie Composites Liquid 2 (x0.25) Wide angle lens, 25mm thread
Liquid 2 x0.25 wide angle lens by Cookie Composites - 25mm thread only available.

German design and engineering produced the Liquid 2 wide angle lens. It's the most extreme and compact wide angle lens on the market to date. This lens is designed for users of handycam, belly mounted camera's and where the subject is <1m from the camera.

Key features:
  • Quality German manufactured glass and engineering.
  • 3 anti-reflective coatings applied to cover the entire visible light spectrum.
  • Vignette free on latest model Sony DV cameras.
  • Sharper images throughout the entire field of view. No hazy out of focus edges.
  • No need for a step ring, all popular thread sizes available.
  • Designed to fit the BlackBox camera enclosures.
  • Physical size 44mm x 14mm.
  • Complete ABS enclosure.
  • No filter Kit available for this lens.

Note: Cookie Composites tested this lens on the Sony PC101,104,107,108,109, 350 and PC1000 with absolutely no vignetting in 4:3 or 16:9 modes. Slight cropping occurs on the PC9 camera. Cookie has also tested this lens on HD cameras and have found their lenses do not significantly lessen the image quality.

Camera-setting notes: To focus your Liquid wide-angle lens, set your camcorder to ‘auto-focus’ and let the image focus automatically. Then set your focus mode to 'manual' (usually the 'f' in the little hand). Do not use 'infinity' mode (the picture of the mountains). It is also possible to initially set your camcorder to ‘manual focus’ and use the ‘manual focus ring’ to self focus (some camcorders do not have a manual focus ring). It is possible to use your camera in any 'program mode' (sports, auto, beach and ski, etc). If your camcorder is anything but 'auto' however, you will need to manually focus your camera any time it goes out of focus. Use the manual focus ring to do this. Or, put the program mode back to 'auto' and let auto focus do the work, then choose your desired program setting. Don't worry, you will not need to re-focus your camera often; only if your camera goes out of focus for some reason.

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